Dehydration = Stress = Inflammation = Symptom


A busy lifestyle often results in feeling stressed.  What is stress? And how you do you know the symptoms. General aches and pains, stiffness, headaches, skin disorders, weight gain, menstrual problems, allergies, constipation the list goes on and on, these are all conditions of a chronic state of dehydration.  They are your bodies way of a ‘physical symptom’

Dehydration = Stress = inflammation = symptoms

Our bodies are made up of 70 per cent of water and our brains 80%, the blood itself contains 90% water so our muscles, lungs and brain need a lot of water to maintain good clean blood which regulates our blood sugar.

This helps nutrients travel to all our vital organs.

Water is so important to the functioning of our body as it helps to transport oxygen to our cells, removes waste and protects our joints and organs.

(Think of the picture above), we all see a fish tank that isn’t clean. Our cells and organs inside of us keep getting lots of things thrown its way through foods,drinks, medications the environment. Our body becomes murky, somewhat dirty really) no wonder we get sick or feel rubbish. It’s the same pollution.

We need clean water to function.
Brain, Bones, Nerves, Digestion and our cells which give us energy.. to help our body be at ease, drink water.
Simple solution.

The very least we can do is to drink half pint of water on rising, before every meal and in between meals is to reach for water.  Make sure your water is clean, best filtered and not flavoured water from a bottle.

Don’t drink extremely cold water, body temperature is absolute best.  You will notice a considerable difference to your brain fog, mental clarity, aches and pains, tiredness just by introducing water.

Ditch the sugary drinks, and help your body revitalise.  If you don’t like the taste or it’s too bland. Then fresh ginger is amazing! This is a double health shot, ginger really reduces the symptoms (inflammation) due to its fab properties.

I drink ginger all day, try it, it’s great for the intestines but gives you a warm but very therapeutic message to your body when in stressed mode.. use fresh lemon on rising in your water too.  I also use fresh turmeric.  But ginger is my own go to. Let it stew. Don’t get rid of it after, just keep adding water. Even hot water is amazing. Just let it cool and drink it constantly, make it your go to drink.

Use a flask or whatever is easier for you to use.  Water is the key, without it. Our blood gets dirty. Clean your insides and your stress will reduce.