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What is Healy?

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"....Nikola Tesla.

Let me introduce you to Healy.

Healy is a small wearable device that analyses (scans) your Body Field (your own individual frequency) via a quantum sensor (in the middle of healy) - Which then delivers customised specific frequencies back into your body field to promote bio-energetic balance, vitality and overall well-being. How cool is that? Right?

It uses quantum physics to analyse your individual & specific bioenergetic frequencies, then offers solutions to address the physical, mental, emotional, chakras, meridians, bio-energetic balance, deliver nutrition via frequencies and so much more.

Sounds like magic and I'd like to say it is. But its just science. Cutting edge science and technology created by a collection of conscious creators. 

Healy is the next evolution and revolution of healing, wellness, spirituality and bio-hacking. 

A tool that supports you to tap in your own potential, the key to self-actualisation, self mastery in your journey to wellness.

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Healy Introduction:

The Burning Candle:

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Do you ever ask yourself what is beyond my body?  Is this it?  Actually what makes my skin, tissue, nervous system and organs?

Do you know our body is made up of trillion of cells.  Our amazing intelligent force, makes our nerve cells into nerves, muscle and cells into skin.

Do you know that your body has subatomic particles?  Which are made up of electrons, protons, neutrons.  At this quantum level our body responds in waves of frequencies, where signals go to all parts of our body to do its job.  This is called our quantum field.  The physics of our body is based on Energy.

You know how you feel, when you have a cold, your body runs low on energy, and you are not feeling like you.

The most interesting and amazing part of this energy field is the micro current working second by second to help us function at our optimum level of wellbeing.

Health is the most important part of anyones existence.

Using frequency provides information to the distortions in the body to help get you well again.

I found Healy.  This amazing device is a true testament to the very core of creation in energy and frequency.

WHY would you want this in your life?  If you are suffering or have debilitating symptoms, such as pain or decrease in energy, then understand that using Healy can alter that structure.

Throughout all your meridians, chakra's, the very vortex of your energy field, right down to electrical energies that feed into your cells, Healy can unravel this to give balance, vitality and energy imbalances of the body.

Limited numbers of Healys are available for use.

Contact me for more information on how you can get your Healy.

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