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Tropic Skincare

I found Tropic Skincare after years of soul searching and spending hundreds of pounds to find a product that was chemical free and cruelty free.

I wasn't able to use any makeup for long periods of time and my skin always seemed to end up with blemishes, or being irritated and extra dry with using what I thought was natural.

I couldn't afford to risk any more health issues by not being careful with what I used.

I began with the Tropic SuperFood Hand Therapy, I had no reactions but just lovely moisturised skin.

I researched how Susie the founder began her company and began to trial all the products, her ethics and values matched my own, and she was as passionate about health as I had become.

I wanted to share this gorgeous find with my friends, family and anyone who would listen. I decided to work alongside Susie and help others to have a complete beauty care system that works for the whole family.

I knew that the toxicity we place on our skin every day from products from so many large companies are actually harming our body systems creating an overload which potentially creates more and more disease.

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