RESET YOUR HEALTH (Learn more on colonic hydrotherapy with guest Rachel Shaw)

I hope your January is going well.  I would like to share a few useful tips here today on how to reset your health.

In order to reset health, one particular lesson I learnt to understand how to do that, was to be KIND to me.  Supporting my gut which in turn helped my mindset, gave me the reset I needed to overcome so many labels.

I began a journey, it was slow and I kept repeating old habits but eventually I got it.  I hope you can reset your health too.


When I say ‘kind’ I really mean it.  How kind was I to ME?  What did I do to help my anxiety? My griping stomach, my constipated bowels? My Whole digestion tract was like a tightened cord, so tense and tight from my busy day looking out for others, that I genuinely was not a friend to ME.  I didn’t listen to my self.  The aches, pain, constant short breaths.  I wasn’t even remotely kind to ME.  Do you resonate with this picture?

I looked at what I did in terms of time, love and patience for people around me.  Then I looked at how many times I text friends, and kept in touch with people, asked how they were, and even felt I needed them to know I was there for them, which of course I was and still am.

And then it fell into place, one day when my gut was so bad, the headaches and the constant upset in my body.  I saw a quote about ‘how do you treat yourself’, and I slowly came too.  I just had this ‘boom’ moment, and I must have cried buckets.  I honestly do not think I was ever that KIND to ME EVER, especially how I gave to others but I didn’t find the time for me.

Please believe me when you take on these few tips that you can Reset your Health?

1) Take the mobile phone away from your body, and put on plane mode at night, if you have it near your bed.  Do not have your phone on with bluetooth either.  Never carry your mobile phone on any part of your body unless you have an EMF protector. (thats my next tip for you)

2) Turn off your WIFI.  Turn off ALL electrical points EVERYTHING.

3) Do not have an electric blanket anywhere near your body.

4) Do not wear a FitBit.

5) Every morning give your gut a good clean hello, with fresh filtered water and fresh organic lemons.

6) Drink filtered water all day slowly, (not cold water) and place fresh ginger/lemon/tumeric in your water every day.  Try each of these in your water and relish your new drink.  Drink anything from 1-2 litres a day.

7) Eat as many green veggies (preferably organic) as you can, either it be in soups or just on your plate.  Go for it.  Your body will love you for it.  Don’t like eating them?  Then put in a smoothie or juice.

8) Do not apply any product to your skin – unless you genuinely know it is safe.  Your favourite perfume – spray on clothes NOT SKIN, EVER!  Download Think Dirty to your smart phone and find out if your products are carcinogenic or not.

9) Your laptop – do not place on your lap.  Not even in front of your boobs/chest either.

10) Detox your body every day.  Get some epsom salts and bathe in them or do a foot bath.  When you do this – reset, slow down your mind, calm your body and start an internal scan of what your gorgeous body/mind has dealt with that day.  LET GO.  Breathe in and WHOOSH out!  BE KIND!

11) Understanding YOU, your health, always starts out in the gut.  I carry out regular bowel cleanses, this is so important to help the body as best as one can, to thoroughly cleanse all the gunk out of your pipes. Your poor intestines go through such a lot for you.  Keeping them clean will make a difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

And being a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist I can help you achieve this, BUT…….if you need a helping hand with this, process then meet my lovely gorgeous friend Rachel from

Rachel has kindly linked in with me, to help support my clients if they need a helping hand, to get that reset they need.  Click on the link to learn more.

If you want to chat to me just email me at

Sending YOU healing hugs and the very best start of being KIND to YOU!

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a modern and efficient technique used to provide a comfortable and harmless solution to eliminating toxins

Most people know that the gut is responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food they eat.  But the gut is so much more than that.  Our digestive tract governs around 85% of our immunity and manufactures around 90% of Serotonin which affects our mood, our appetite, our digestion, our sleep and our memory.  If our gut is happy then so are we! 

A diet of refined and processed food high in saturated fats, sugar and preservatives and which is low in fibre will inevitably cause problems for our colon.  Over time a neglected colon will lose the ability to process viral nutrients, absorb water and eliminate faecal matter effectively. Health problems such as constipation, IBS and bloating can arise if the colon is not cared for properly.  Issues such as these can seriously affect our quality of life.

A poorly functioning colon can be a breeding ground for disease and sickness; toxins can re-enter the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak.  This can be the underlying cause of many other health problems too including headaches, haemorrhoids, backache, arthritis, allergies, skin problems, food cravings, abdominal gas, chronic fatigue – the list goes on.  

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a modern and efficient technique used to provide a comfortable and harmless solution to eliminating toxins. The treatment involves a gentle internal bath using warm, purified water that can help to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas and mucus from the colon. 

A strong, cleansed, hydrated and well functioning colon is essential to maintain good health.