Naturopathic Medicine & Nutrition

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct system of healing the WHOLE of YOU at a cellular level.
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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care, this is based on a philosophy of addressing the root cause of disease and provides therapeutic protocols for that root cause rather than just the symptoms, it also distinguishes the guided naturopathic practices of the following:
 To work with the healing power of nature, to trust the body's inherent powers of recovery
To address the underlying cause of illness rather than just treating symptoms
To use the most natural least toxic and least invasive therapies first
To support the whole person - not just the physical condition but the factors that influence health and wellbeing
To educate people in the art of self-care and the steps needed to achieve optimal health
To prevent & encourage promotion of health and prevention of disease
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Naturopathic healing is the practice of nutrition within the context of naturopathic medicine.
Nutritional Therapy is:
~individuals have a unique interaction with nutrients
~food selection, preparation and eating is a healing art
~whole foods - recommendations and advice on:
~individually assessed dietary therapy
~optimal food preparation
~traditional approaches to detoxification
~lifestyle recommendations to optimise dietary therapy
~full and clear information that empowers and encourages each individual to achieve optimal health and well-being.
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How do Naturopathic Practitioners work?

I will make use of supportive physical forces and agents, such as light, water, air, thermal effects, magnetism, earth and vibration
this will happen with the clients own life force whether that be through rest, exercise, dietary adaptations and stimulating the reflexes also by emotional therapy and a whole number of therapeutic approaches to help the body heal with the full body matrix taken into consideration.

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