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wellnes samll

Hi, I'm Joanne, I'm 48 and I have fibromyalgia and an underactive thyroid. I've had both those conditions for well over 20 years and I've been using the Healy for about 12 months. With those conditions, I tend to suffer on a daily basis with widespread chronic pain, I get very emotional, I get very drained, have very little energy, I have mobility issues, quite often I have problems with my speech and it can affect my cognitive ability. Lots and lots of symptoms which some of you may be experiencing.

The difference that Healy has made for me is that I noticed very, very quickly from when I started using the Gold Programme that Anita recommended, what I can only describe as an overwhelming sense of calm and peace, my cognitive functions started to clear and I felt very much in control of my thoughts. Physically, the pain started to lift, my mobility started to improve very quickly and all of those improvements have remained constant throughout.

I think we can all be guilty of this; when we find something that works for chronic conditions, we tend to think, oh it works, I feel better, and we might put it down for a day or two and there are times when I've done that, but then I start to wonder why I feel worse and I realise I've not given enough time for the Healy and I get it back on and everything is okay again. For me it's very much about managing my symptoms. I have no expectation of a cure, but the Healy is making a significant difference to me in my daily life and I would certainly recommend it to anyone to give it a try, you won't regret it.

Joanne August 2021

wellnes samll

I would definitely recommend Anita G Bateson for issues with health and wellness , she really knows her stuff and is so lovely, she treated Max and was really supportive and compassionate about him and me, she's just great!

Joanne Collins July 2019

wellnes samll
October 23rd I was having my NES scan with Anita and mentioned to her my eczema had flared up again after months of being better due to the reliable tropic tamanu.  Anita asked me if I had some in, I said yes and was going to use it again Anita said how would you feel about trying Urine therapy, eyes wide I said, what does that entail thinking urine hmmm..., Anita explained don’t use your first wee in the mornings next wee catch a small amount in a clean container and then dab the areas (I use cotton buds) to the eczema with the urine, do this often during the day, after day two I noticed a change my eczema had calmed down day three the dry flaky skin had improved.  I did this for five days and was so pleased at the results this cost me nothing just a small amount of my time three times a day, a full month has gone by and no more itchy flaky soreness behind my ear, any flare up in the future I will be doing my urine therapy.  Our urine is a good source for many skin issues as I have found out.
Thankyou Anita for your patience and encouragement on so many occasions, your knowledge, N E S and MiHealth
has given me wellness.
Lizzie Greenwood
27th November 2018
wellnes samll
I can honestly say that the wellness sessions I had with Anita have dramatically improved my general health and overall well being. Anita is warm, caring, knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to make improvements to their health and well being.  I don't have any specific medical conditions, but I was constantly run down, fatigued and mentally drained.  After an assessment session with Anita and a scan with the NES machine, followed by a combination of NES treatments, nutritional advice and self care advice, I came away feeling much more positive, and less "foggy" than I have felt in a long time. The follow up sessions helped me to reflect on what had worked, and Anita used her knowledge to tweak the treatment plan to make further improvements.  The tips and tools that Anita has given me alongside the therapeutic aspect of the sessions has meant that I am able to take control of my own well being and have a toolkit of support to help me when I feel things are slipping.  I cannot thank Anita enough and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Thank you 🙂
Karen xx
wellnes samll

“wow – I feel amazing, Anita has helped me change my whole outlook on food and not only have I lost weight

but I am slowly changing my insides for the better.   After joining the ReNew Your Health Programme, Anita coached me on how to cleanse and nourish my body, this helped me with balancing my hormones, and reducing the agonising pain of horrendous periods.  Also, after taking a Vitamin B12 injection for years every 10 weeks

I am now stretching this out with a view to encouraging my body to produce its own Vitamin B12, I am still on my journey to wellness but I feel so much empowered and in control of my own health.

Pam 2018
wellnes samll
Earlier this year after my yearly MOT with my GP, my bloods were sent to be checked, one week later I had to go back for the results my doctor told me that I was on the verge of having type II diabetes and I needed to start taking statins I was shocked, I made a decision there and then I wasn't going to take statins they were not for me and I made another decision that I would join the renew your health programme with Anita.  After three months I went back to my doctor for another blood check and on those results my doctor called me to the surgery for another discussion, she told me that I had remarkable results, my markers was very good, I explained I was on The renew your health program with Anita and I had lost 15 lbs in weight too which also showed my blood results were perfect, no more worries about having diabetes and this is where I made another decision I joined the supercharge program to carry on where I left off on my journey to being healthy and enjoying my life again, so many thanks to Anita for being there for me as she will always be for other people who need her help and advice Anita is the soul of discretion and understanding.
Lizzie 2018
wellnes samll

‘After having root canal treatment at the dentist I have been suffering with severe pain in my right shoulder. . Doctors mis-diagnosed it as a frozen shoulder. After seeing 2 specialists and having had a cortisone injection the pain did not subside. I have been going to physio now for at least 6 months but hardly any improvement. Decided to look into Anita’s alternative therapy methods and glad I did. I purchased a power heart magnet and seat-pad as I also suffer from back pain. At first I couldn't wear the power heart near my shoulder as it caused it to ache a lot and create more pain. I moved the magnet around my body but still wore it constantly. After about a week I could wear the magnet on my shoulder and felt the pain ease. I also underwent treatment with Anita using the Mi Health wellness.   After that I found more improvement with the shoulder plus other parts of my body. It's amazing. I still have some slight pain but masses of improvement in a short space of time. As for the Tropic, it is a beautiful natural product which makes you feel good. So nice to wear’
Steph xx

wellnes samll

‘I can't thank Well-NES with Anita enough.  I didn't believe too much in natural medicines, I had a horrific cyst which affected two top teeth in my front upper jaw.  The dentist prescribed antibiotics for a 7day course.  After 7 days, nothing improved, I returned to the dentist to then be prescribed a further two other types of antibiotics, much stronger, he also said if it didn't work I would have to go into hospital and have surgery to remove it.  I was at my wits end as the pain and swelling covered one side of my face.  I decided to give the MiHealth treatment a shot as I had nothing to lose.  Whilst having my treatment with Anita she used the MIhealth device against my skin where a frequency that was a warm sensation went over the swollen area begin to tingle and I had instant relief.  Following day I was amazed, the pain subsided by 50%, and the day after that, felt nothing.  No pain and the swelling started to reduce.  I had 3 treatments with Anita.  For a person who always took a tablet for pain or an anti-inflammatory for swelling, I will always try Anita first.

wellnes samll

‘After being poorly with a mystery illness for over 6 months I began visiting Anita for help.  She has been giving me some brilliant nutritional and psychological advice that has been making a huge improvement on ability to cope.  Two of my symptoms were particularly getting me down.  I had gone completely deaf in one ear which was making me very disorientated and I had a reoccurring gum infection.  I had 3x 5 minute sessions with the Mi Health system and it totally relieved my inflammation.  I had 1 x10 minute session on my ear and felt an instant shift then over the next 24 hours complete relief.  I had previously been to the doctors 3 times, the hospital twice and 2 lots of hearing specialists but no one could find the blockage.  I can't thank Anita enough for shifting my ear blockage and gum inflammation but also for her continued support and knowledge on my road to recovery’.  Lorna

wellnes samll

‘Mi Health Treatment after coming back from a long walk wearing the wrong shoes I had blisters on my toes plus another huge blister underneath my foot I literally couldn't put my foot on the ground. My toes were bleeding and so painful. Anita treated me with the Mi Health device.  I could feel the pain ease away the blisters went down within minutes ( no tablets taken ) just the Mi Health treatment truly an amazing experience a unique piece of NES equipment’.
Barbara March 2017

wellnes samll

‘I'm not a big fan of face creams/packs etc but bought these from Anita and I love them. Easy to use, there loads in each jar, they smell good but the biggest plus is that they work! I am sure my fine wrinkles are disappearing! Even my 18yr old son has been using the Clear Skin Fighting blemish mask and he loves it as well’. Thanks Anita xxx
Julie Ryder November 2016

wellnes samll

‘Ive just ordered another Tamanu it’s the only healing balm that soothes and clears my eczema when I have a flare up just love tropic Tamanu.  I also bought a power heart magnet just to see if this would help reduce my constant lower back ache and at times pain, I attached it to my undies after an hour I was amazed the ache was gone I was sceptical and thought let see how it feels tomorrow well a week has gone and my power heart is an amazing magnet no ache or pain I'm looking forward to my order of a magnetic cushion arriving.
BGraham August 2017

wellnes samll

'I bought a Wellness Magnetix ring for my hand which is badly affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis; it appears to ease the pain.  The magnetic heart is very energising, dispersing my tiredness.'
Elaine July 2017

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