The Total WellNES System lets you detect and correct patterns of energy in your body through an easy 3-step process


Includes: Energy - Hydration - Movement - Oxygenation - Mind and Body - Memories - Thoughts - Emotions  and much more...


Our scanner measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds with remarkable accuracy.


2. Unblock

Our NES miHealth™ device combines proven PEMF therapy with proprietary signals to enhance the body's energy flow.



Our proprietary liquid remedies, called NES Infoceuticals™, correct information in the Human Body-Field, activating its self-restoring abilities.

The cause of illness is found in your body field where information is being blocked or distorted  so it is affecting your body functions at a cellular level.

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What do you think about your health and body?

When you think of your body, you probably think of the weight and substance of it-flesh, muscles, bone. When you think of illness and disease you ask: “What’s the matter with me?”- speaking quite literally in physical terms about the real matter of your body.

Your head aches. Your knee is throbbing. Your stomach hurts.
We see the body very superficially and can miss valuable chunks of information that can complete our health picture. As a result we become focused on the biochemistry. We don’t image our bodies at the level of cells, molecules or atoms, much less as webs of interacting particles and waves.

Yet research has proved that thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes profoundly influence the functions of our cells, organs and immune system- processes that are vital to our health and overall sense of wellness.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese and the Indians discovered that there is an inherent energy field within and outside the human body.  The Chinese call it Qi and the Indians call it Prana.  Both went on to map out this field within the body and identified internal pathways for internal energy flow –known as meridians and nadis- used today in Acupuncture and other healing methods.

Over the past 30 years NES Health have been researching these networks of energies and information that form the human bodyfield- a complex system of structures in space that ultimately determines the state of the physical body.

NES Health formulated a system uniting Traditional Chinese Medicine with quantum wave theory to provide the first comprehensive link between the
human body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics.

In only seconds, ProVision can scan your bodyfield, determining distortions and blockages that correlate bioenergetically to the physical body.

It is used alongside the NES Infoceuticals and the NES miHealth, a medically certified device that can be used for any conditions where pain is involved.
The NES miHealth uses a range of software applications and functions to activate the body’s self healing capabilities. It uses Bio Electrical Stimulation and Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to transmit bio information to specific parts of the body, enabling speedy recovery from injury, help with mobility in joints and effective treatment for chronic pain.


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