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I was a very healthy child but soon as I hit my early teens and had the TB vaccination, my health and wellbeing started to be affected, I experienced all kinds of problems, my periods changed from light to heavy with excruciating pain, and my wellbeing and mental health was a state of anxiety where I felt on edge and jittery with nerves.  I was admitted to hospital as an outpatient at the age of 14 to the mental health team and given various drugs for nerves, and to combat the heavy periods I was given the contraceptive pill, within 3 months of taking the pill, I was back and forth at the doctor's complaining of varying symptoms such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bloated stomach, unusual pains in my body, generally not well at all. By the age of 16, my health was in a mess.


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Anita Graham-Bateson  NHFDip, NHFAdvDip, Cert Ed, MANP, MGNC, MNNA,
Naturopathic Nutritionist & BioEnergetic Practitioner
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