How to stop feeling like crap!

How to stop feeling liking crap; when you feel like crap is my July topic.

So what is in store for you this month?

My gorgeous ReNew Your Health in 90 days has a few slots available, the Wellness Magnetix are on my FLASH SALE along with some gorgeous supplements that will help support your beautiful body and mind.   So why would you want to ReNew Your Health?  Read below to see if this fits YOU.

This is perfect for you:

  • If you are struggling with fatigue and want more energy
  • If you are in pain and want to move freely to exercise more and sleep better
  • If you are bloated and uncomfortable and want a perfect poo!
  • If you have brain fog and want to feel mentally sharp again!
  • If you are struggling with hormonal problems and want to feel sane again!
  • If you want smooth, supple, comfortable skin
  • If you want a more robust immune system
  • If you struggle to get started with making changes that you want to or know you have to make
  • If you are great at getting started but find it hard to stick to the recommendations
  • If you want to work with body, mind and energetic flow
  • If you want a complete holistic approach to wellness

ReNew Your Health in 90 Days

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I work with people who have autoimmune conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel and fibromyalgia to name a few.  I create a bespoke step by step guide and nutritious healing plan to help you boost your energy and revitalise your health, so that you can Get Well and Stay Well allowing you to regain control of your life and get back on track for good.

How I do this: I will teach you:

  • How to use Food as Medicine
  • How to make simple but powerful lifestyle changes
  • Powerful interventions to help you reduce stress and improve your emotional outlook
  • Key strategies to sustained energy and mood throughout the day
  • How to transform your thinking of “it’s too much effort to eat a healthy balanced diet”
  • How to make the changes to your diet simple and easy so you hardly notice that you are making them
  • Tangible steps that you can implement right away

And so much more!  Visit my Wellbeing Solutions on my website here.Let’s work together to get rid of the CRAP With Love & Vitality Anita xx

Flash Sale!

Wherever possible I try to support our overall health and wellbeing.  How do I manage this?  With tons of hard work, research, study and money, trialling a wide variation of good clean products that will ultimately be purposeful to give our body/mind (I use this term to show that our physical, emotional and mental states are completely entwined rather than separate entities), exactly what it needs throughout our busy life.

So if you are fed up with headaches, migraines, arthritis, back/neck pain, sore joints, sleeplessness, hot sweats, lethargy, fibromyalgia or any autoimmune condition, repetitive strain injury, then you may want to try these wellness products.

Find out how magnets really do help support the body here

Find out more about Magnetix
The beautiful (18cm) Code 1997 Shamrock Water stick that with its magnetic power will energise your water, why drink the elixir of life because the human body is made up of 70 percent water, its crucial to your health, to keep you hydrated.  Using the Magnetic stick will refresh and revitalise your water, and more importantly YOU giving it potent energy for your everyday wellness.  RRP 28 SALE 25.20
Mini Power Hearts (in set of 2), code 4087 use on socks or wherever you fancy, they have a copper backing and are 1800 Gauss, restless legs, sore feet, for example or use all over body.

RRP 56 SALE 50.40

The gorgeous restful sleep magnetic bed pad, this has 12 neodymium magnets, this is one amazing sense of wellness that lets you rest peacefully waking up with a sense of a deep restful state.  You can use this on any bed or sofa, take on holiday with you, fits into any luggage just beautiful (size is 59cm x 43 cm) code F-4500 RRP 94.00 SALE 74.00
The Wellness Spheres , Fuschia and Silicone: Code 4606 these are just ideal for you to rotate in your hands which helps the body/mind, to relax, calms and increases wellbeing every day for your body and spirit!  These are skin friendly where one ball has a 900Gauss magnet and one ball without to totally capture your yin/yan whilst you begin to relax those hands, ease pain, stiffness etc.  RRP 28 SALE 25.20
Flexi bracelets code 4547m RRP £37 SALE £31.45 matt gloss with crystals top part only of bracelet and code 183m two tone modern and classy RRP £26 SALE £22.10 (in  medium roughly around 17.3 cm wrist) both are beautiful, classy and understated.  They both add elegance to your gorgeous wrist.  Supporting energy & Vitality
Flexi ring code 4375 (size 17mm) gorgeous  stainless steel smooth brushed impressive bicolour design.  RRP £22 SALE  £18.70
Painful fingers, RSI
The amazingly gorgeous Pendant Tree of Life with 8 chakra felts.  I use essential oils on my chakra felts so I can be uplifted energised as the magnets do their thing and also I can smell the beautiful scents.  You can wear for just plain style or add your fave scent on the felt too.  Perfume should be off body and this is a perfect way to do so.  RRP £37 SALE  £31.45  (chain not supplied)
Always have your drinking bottle under control with this elastic Magnetic Yin & Yang Drinking Bottle Strap, (code 1791). It fits all bottles with a diameter of 20 – 28 cm and is an ideal gift or accessory for all health-conscious individuals. The ideal companion when you’re on the go, during sport or when travelling! RRP £18 SALE £16.20 Energising water.
These gorgeous Earring Glitz (code 461P) are for pierced ears brilliant design with zirconia stainless steel.  RRP £34 SALE £30.60 Great for headache & migraine sufferers.
Now this clever clasp is ideal for anyone. Do you struggle with your necklace or any clasp that needs this beauty?  The Clasp Magnetix Ball, (code 1799) RRP £8.55 SALE £7.69 just join this onto your favourite jewellery and no more struggling with clasps.  It just snaps shut.
NEXT UP is the most amazing SOS Advanced Natural Nano Collodial Support:
Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, psoriasis, arthritis, joint pains, fungal, bacterial, candida, immune problems and so much more.  GIVE YOUR BODY A BOOST AND HELP CLEAN UP THE TOXINS SOS cleans your blood and builds up your immunity.
The body is sometimes not strong enough to effectively flush bacteria, viruses and toxins which are causing the problems to your body, the ph in our blood is very often acidic, so our body must borrow minerals from our organs and bones to remove acids, but over time this makes us prone to inflammation, and dis-ease. SOS Advance is my cleaner of choice and this is a 3 month supply for £70 this retails out at £32.99 per bottle.
The Hot and Cool pack in the chakra colours are strong and combine healing properties of the hot and cold therapy.  These are handy and compact to be applied in many different ways.  One side is fluffy whilst the other side is tactile.  These are ideal for the head, neck, back, stomach, joints, painful periods. Warm it up and this helps to promote blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, (heat up 10 seconds in a microwave max or on a radiator)
Cold Therapy will relieve pain and swelling so just pop into the freezer for about an hour before use.  Great for any part of the body and they really do work!
Note: Relaxes muscles and joints, cools small wounds, relieves cramps, and reduces swelling and bruising.  For all the family xxx
(In each pack there is a section for a PowerHeart to completely enhance healing they are separate).  Choose a colour that you are drawn to or choose your chakra.

Beautiful as gifts and truly help your body/mind.

*White – crown chakra Head
*Purple – Forehead Chakra
*Blue – Throat Chakra
*Green – Heart Chakra
*Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra (mid tum)
*Orange – Sacral Chakra (lower tum)
*Red – Root Chakra (low gynae)

They are £4.75 each BUY TWO GET ONE FREE OFFER


And to finish off my July Sale is with the Gorgeous Honey Bee Propolis your natural antibiotic this is my go to for all things crap.  It completely, helps support the body with its natural antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, natural antibiotic and anti-fungal protective purposes.

This is so rich in bioflavonoids which is one of the reasons it is considered to be an excellent antioxidant.  ALWAYS have this in your medicine cabinet

For 3 pots of Honey Bee x30 Capsules per pot £17.28