The Milk Myth

Hello lovely People ?
I hope you have a fabulous week ahead and you are feeling really happy today, one of the main factors in sustaining a healthy and happy YOU, starts in your tummy ultimately.

I’m sure you have heard lots about good gut flora, however to even to begin to acknowledge what our digestion does.

I wanted to share a helpful tip if not for you perhaps you know someone who has skin issues, tummy or bowel upsets. Just for you to consider..

The Milk Myth ????
With inflammation, equals stress. And dairy products that contain milk over time cause the tummy to become more acidic as we get older.

This is because animal protein today is weakened with varying additions. So our tummy isn’t able to sustain digestion of this source and hence our problems begin.

Our body needs to be alkaline to maintain good health. An alternative to help our tummy with this is to have plant based milk. There are many in our stores today. But it’s worth a swap over if you have a multitude of upsets.

Humans are the only animal that consume milk into adulthood and the only animals that regularly drink the milk of another animal.

Quite simply, milk is not a human food. It is produced by cows and goats to meet their own nutritional needs. It is compositionally very different, it’s chemical makeup is difficult for us to assimilate and often contains sources we do not need which demands a lot from our digestion to try to break down and use for us.

As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to do this eventually this gets pushed in to our tubes and our gut becomes leaky, bloated tummy, headaches, skin conditions, low moods, bowel problems begins.

To help heal the gut/inflammation try an alternative especially if you like this on your cereal or in drinks there are many to choose from such as almond, oat, rice, hemp, coconut milk to name a few, it’s worth leaving dairy milk out to give your gut a chance to heal. We can get calcium from our foods and these other milks.

Perhaps eventually you would enjoy making your own milk. It’s so easy and yummy, really creamy and refreshing, having your own homemade milk is very satisfying.
Have a super day ?????