NES Health

NES Health

You’ve probably heard me talk about NES Health before.

It’s a revolutionary, technology-driven healing system that “scans” the electrical field of your body and pinpoints areas of imbalance.

I know it sounds fuzzy or “woo woo” but I assure you:

  1. NES Health is rooted in science: not only is based on advanced research on the electrical and energy systems of the body, but there are studies proving its results.
  2. Nothing has worked better than NES for myself and most difficult client cases of toxicity, fatigue, energy, immunity and more.

The NES Health Scan has been profound for me and my clients, because it can help with the following issues:

  • Energy blockages: Your scan will identify energy blockages in the human body-field and pinpoint the strength of the energy being produced by various systems and organs
  • Nutritional issues: The scan report will highlight current challenges in absorption, the state of your metabolic processes, and intolerance(s) to certain foods.
  • Your exposure to environmental toxins and sensitivities: a NES Health scan determines what environmental factors, toxic metals, chemicals, and EMFs you have been exposed to and the body’s ability to handle their impact when present.
  • Emotional and mental analysis: Helps identify past shocks and traumas that are negatively impacting your physical health.

And that’s only the beginning. A NES Scan will open up a world of insight into what’s REALLY affecting your body right now. So you’re no longer in the dark, and can finally move forward.

Contact me to book your FREE Discovery Call to find out more on how the NES Health Scan in my ReNew Your Health initial Healing journey can get to the root of whatever is holding your body back from perfect health right now. 

It will be life-changing for you.

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