Moon Cycles

This month is all about Moon cycles, our lovely cells (thats right, we are going to talk cellular level), and nutrition choices.  We really need all the help we can get to have a body/mind that has energy, staying clear focussed and free from pain.

Energy, do you lack it? Are you tired, restless, feel low, emotionally depleted, in pain physically?
Figuring out why you feel this way, can have you seriously running around in circles, creating more tired head syndrome.  BUT believe it or not Nutrition choices can affect your everyday energy, moods and in fact all your bodily functions, or lack of them.

We have one life and to live it well in a state of good health and happiness, whether that is your bliss or calm, it would be extremely wise for us all to have as much knowledge to accomplish a happy you.  And YOU so deserve it!

Here are some truly loving and nourishing bio hacks for your body/mind.

Did you know:  The health of your body is dependent upon the health of your cells.  We have anywhere from 10 trillion to 100 trillion cells in your body.  Even just your little toe might represent 2 or 3 billion cells.  These cells are specialised to carry out specific functions in the body.

So for example, nerve cells carry electrical impulses, muscle cells contract when excited, intestinal cells absorb nutrients from the digestive tract, and red blood cells carry oxygen to cells throughout the body.  Each of these cells carries out functions that are essential to keeping the whole body alive.  DID YOU KNOW each cell in the body is also an individual organism that can be studied, these are independent biological units that can eat, move and reproduce.

HOW SPECIAL ARE YOU!  So how do your cells survive and thrive?

Your cells need 3 things to survive – oxygen, water and the ability to eliminate waste

Our brains are 80% water, lungs are 90% water and blood is 90% water.  A critical process such as digestion, circulation and excretion cannot occur without water.  Basically, water carries nutrients to all vital parts of the body, this helps maintain body temperature, and also serves as building material for the growth and repair of the body.

Can you see where I am going with this??  Did you know – apart from oxygen the 2nd most important element in your health is water.  An adult can live several weeks without food, but no more than about 10 days without water.

So every system in your body for brain, bone, nerve, cellular and digestive functions – water is crucial.  All of the above symptoms I mentioned is a lack of water, all autoimmune conditions are in a chronic state of dehydration.

Nutrition choices:

Do you really Listen to your body?  Believe me, your body is absolutely amazing at telling you its not feeling that great, way before you experience an actual physical symptom.  Your food choices are THE MAIN CULPRIT that alters your gut health and then begins to get you sick, you know that bug or that virus that’s going about?  Well you wouldn’t get sick if your gut had the right microbiome sat there.

TIP: Look at every package/tin/carton/drink even that over the counter packaged meat you buy, see what’s inside your choice, can you pronounce it?  Do you know what substance/chemical is in there mixed in with your breaded fish, your deli ham/chicken, YOUR MILK?

The body has to break down each chemical each substance that you put in your mouth.  Every sugar, every single additive, do not make yourself sick. Help YOU to keep WELL.

Moon cycles:
Did you know that the Moon affects the lull of the sea? The theory is that the moon is responsible for the tides, since the amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75% its easy to see why the moon affects your body too.   When the moon shines bright in its full glory – you may have noticed that your emotions are stronger, or you can cry easily, the body is pulled and let go, just like a tide.

So this weekend you have a very powerful opportunity to move your life forward with change and transformation.  This is an ideal time to look at what you are currently feeling and experiencing in you life right now and set the intention to change ways in your health, relationships, money, faith, any worries or anxieties you have – the full moon can really help your energy amplify.

Look within, and reset your intention to a more fulfilled YOU.

Bring your questions up and look to self-discovery of what the new YOU looks like.

I hope that your new sense of awareness will be the inspiration you deserve!

Sit outside if you can when the moon is full and begin your intention,

Enjoy this time and listen to your body/mind.

Love and healing to You.  Sunday 26th August.

And to round up my newsletter today I thought I would share with you Just some of my favourite bio-hacks my beautiful Essential Oils, (just 3 from a whole host of gorgeousness, is that even a word?).  These oils are not like any other oils, I have researched and spent a whole host of hours finding out where my oils come from, ethically sourced, and the process they go through.

Why use oils?

Essential oils are the life-force of plants.  They help the plant regulate itself and add health and overall wellness.  Essential oils can work in much the same way for us.  Essential oils reach every cell in the body from the time you apply them.  We have over 100 trillion cells in our bodies, and one drop of essential oil contains over 40 million trillion molecules.  This means every single cell in our body, in 20 minutes is covered by 400,000 essential oil molecules.  How amazing is that for our beautiful body!  Quality is important and I use only the best.  The standard of the essential oil purity and authencity is by the Seed to Seal process, absolute rigorous quality controls to ensure that the oil you receive is exactly the way nature intended.

My body is special and I deserve the very best.  So who’s with me on that?

I use this with my toothpaste for clean white teeth, and oral health, no fluoride for me, it is just so gorg!!! Then it goes in my 2 litres of water every day.  It uplifts, calms, cleanses, repairs and is soothing.  This also helps my body functions in respiratory, circulatory, digestive, cardiac, sleep, hormones, appetite, bones, muscles, tissue and skin.  A true wellness all wrapped up in a bottle – how amazing is this beauty!  All the family use it too.
Next up is Frankincense.  When I had cancerous breast cells this was one oil that I used in my daily routine to help my cells detox and get rid of the crap.  It actually got rid of my wart too, which sat on my wrist.  One day I woke and I had the wart, then after months of using this It had gone.  To this day I topically place this wonderful amazing oil on my boobs, lymph, face, spine – you name it!  Great for tissue, blood, nervous system, endocrine, regenerative, cleansing, emotions, respiratory, muscle calming.
And last of my hacks is Thieves. This is one of many oils I diffuse.  I also have Thieves laundry soap, washing up liquid, thieves hand wash, spray and hand gel, kitchen cleaner.  Why? Immunity and purifying.  This is such a powerful combination of essential oils, my whole house smells amazing!  it consists of a rich, spicy aroma, apparently legend has it that 4 French thieves formulated this special aroma, (it has clove and rosemary) which protected them whilst robbing the dead and dying.  Yikes!  But seriously, this is one hell raiser of an essential oil.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my news and some bio hacks for your health and happiness.  If you want to know more about how essential oils and their frequency can help your health, just contact me.  I have a great collection, I make lots of gorgeous combinations such as stress, sleep, energy for my clients and I order every month if needed.

Look out for my September issue as I have been completing my research on Lyme disease and other autoimmune conditions.

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To your health and happiness, Love Anita x

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