Breast Health Care

I want to share with you my experience with using Thermal Imaging as my scan of choice to investigate what was taking place with my breasts.
Yes, these are my breasts, good aren’t they?
I have just made up 50 but last year, my clever body began giving me symptoms.  I had started to have major pain issues with my left breast, although I was able to treat myself and use some amazing supplements/hormone related products I had received a letter to have a mammogram at the local hospital.  I began to think about my age and breast health at a deeper level, which made me decide to have a non invasive scan.
I went along to see Rosa at Thermal Imaging in Formby, and we discussed the pain, the lumps and emotions that are linked to breasts. Thermal Imaging is based on you being at a very cold temperature with nothing eaten or drank 3 hours previous to the scan, so the scan can detect what is taking place at cellular level.
I explained how for months I had breast pain, so much so that I felt something wasn’t in order.  From the scan results you can see the left breast from my armpit down had a red area where my lumps were.  These were not anything to be worried about, but would still need a health intervention due to the pain and swollen appearance the scan result showed a TH2 grade.  The patterns showed physiologically consistent with mild to moderate fibrocystic changes (basically oestrogen imbalance).  This correlated with my breast pain.  This also meant congestion.  My thyroid region was fine.  My health care for correcting this would consist of Iodine, progesterone cream and vitamin D3.
What I didn’t expect to happen was my right breast had 3 points of highly suspicious cell activity, this is known as TH5.  This scan is a screening tool, but a very effective and efficient one.  The detection of cells and how they are working in the body is amazing, giving information that usually you wouldn’t detect until something sinister was taking place or had already happened.  The red points around my nipple on the right breast showed the irregular cells.  The intensity of the heat in this area alone, and how the cells were forming, was not good.
TH5, what did this mean?  Cells were active and suspicious, a pre warning of a cancer activity. My body gave me symptoms with my other breast so was this a nudge for me to know what was going on in the right breast?  I think so.  It was a shock to my system.  Rosa explained a breast health protocol to me.  I was fortunate enough to speak to the Budwig Cancer Centre in Spain, and a few amazing colleagues that helped me with various studies and research, I then compiled my own health programme, on reversing this result.
My breast health care started with, cleansing the body over and over with juices, and a cleaner diet, no sugar, wheat, dairy, eggs, meats.
I am fortunate to have NES my own scanning health care which helped me detect my energy/nutrition/toxic load, I used NES remedies every day, more so than usual, and my MiHealth device for treatments.
I used essential oils on my breasts and around my lymphs.  Mainly Frankincense and Myrrh.  The frequency of these oils needed to be high so my body received high vibrational foods/oils and litres of filtered water.
I had emotional therapy – at the grief recovery course (this was an eye-opener) I didn’t think I had anything to let go of, I wasn’t angry or sad but the point of this treatment was to rock my inner core and explore anything I had stored up from being a young child to come out of my body, it was, after all a toxic load.
Interestingly, Rosa explained that the left breast is linked to women emotionally and the right breast emotions linked to men. Mmmmmm! really?  She advised me to explore this and get rid of anything toxic, who had hurt me, any shocks or upsets that had happened to me within the 12 months.  And then explore the rest of my life.
I used CBD (cannabis) oil, high doses of Vitamin C and alternated with high intensity cleansers of the intestines, coffee enemas, and many detox routines to keep my cells happy and alive.  I switched my phone off and completely changed my routines.  I walked out in nature and went to body movement classes to help my head connect back to the rest of me.  Anything toxic would have to be removed.  That was interesting to do.
Six months later and my latest scan shows a complete reversal.  TH5 was now TH2.  SAFE!
Advice given to ME was to keep up the good work and the routines of loving myself and keeping my cells happy!
I was completely blown away with this news, at best I expected the cells to change but my thermal imaging scan showed complete reversal.
If you have any questions or would like support with breast health care – Id be happy to help.
Love and Hugs Anita